Features Home Buyers Want

features home buyers want
features home buyers want
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Top 10 Features Home Buyers Want

How are you supposed to know what features home buyers want? The housing market is constantly changing and, it can be difficult to know what will attract future buyers. Buyers are drawn to their desired lifestyles but, its impossible to predict exactly what lifestyle they’ll want. To get around this, its best to produce a quality home that enables them to extract their dream. The following features are the bones of any quality, high end home and enables buyers to grow their dream lifestyle within the home.  

features home buyers want

1. Modern Wet Areas

Modern wet areas, especially main bathrooms and kitchens are extremely popular with buyers. If prospective buyers aren’t interested in renovating after purchasing, then they will be looking for an existing home with modern wet areas. When creating modern wet areas in your project, think functionality and style. 

features home buyers want

2. Storage, Storage, Storage

We live in an age where people have a lot of stuff. As a result, storage has become increasingly popular with buyers. Smart storage enables items to be tucked away out of site, and homes kept free of clutter. To attract buyers looking for storage, consider adding extra space like larger wardrobes, cupboards or cleverly place hide-e-holes.

features home buyers want

3. Multifunctional Spaces

Multifunctional spaces are popular because it enables for a lifestyle of ease, while also capitalizing on space. Joint dining and kitchen, bathroom and laundry, living and working, create functional spaces that allow for flexibility in the home. As more people take steps towards their dream lifestyles, the desire for flexibility increases.

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4. Outdoor Entertainment Area (Decks, Patios, Spas, Pools)

Buyers are always looking for homes that improve their lifestyle. If your property has an outdoor entertaining space such as a deck, patio, spa or pool it is a great selling point to attract buyers. Spaces like these create areas to entertain friends and family, creating a buzzing family hub. 


5. Energy Efficient Homes

Environmentalism is on the rise. Buyers are becoming more environmentally friendly and looking to increase their efficiency. Energy efficient homes are both environmentally friendly and cost effective on bills such as electricity and water.  It may be a good idea to see how you can adjust your custom homes plan to be more energy efficient to aid both your bills and future buyers’.  

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6. Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has always been popular and will continue to be for years to come. There are many reasons for the popularity of hardwood flooring. The key reasons are that it looks great, ages well with minimal upkeep and is easy to clean. This simple feature will draw the eye of potential buyers. 

features home buyers want

7. Technology

As time passes, the younger generation are ageing and becoming home buyers. They’ve grown up immersed in technology,  and as a result its starting to be translated into our homes. Google home, Alexa and other smart systems are being introduced for technological, home integration. 

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8. Gardens

Lifestyle plays a big part in a home buyers decision to purchase a home. Having a garden or backyard produces another space for residences to attain their desired lifestyle. Greenery inspires relaxation, as well as recreation. This encourages buyers to picture their future lifestyle, and picture them in your home. 

features home buyers want

9. Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans continue to gain in popularity. Families and other home buyers alike are wanting open floor plans that allow them to flow through their house with ease. Kitchens connected to dining, dining to living and living to outdoors. An open floor plan structure produces a lifestyle that is fluid, connecting lifestyle to home. 

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10. Second Living Area

A second living area (in the form of a second tv room, granny flat or side room) enables the buyer’s family to have the time away from each other without actually being away from each other. If parents want to watch the news they can do so in the main living area and then the kids can be watching a movie in the next room.  

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