Luxury Custom Renovation - Stafford

This luxury custom renovation in Stafford started March 2018, and were completed August 2018. Its amazing to see the difference between the original structure and the one that stands now. Renovations can give homes such a lift and the LEAP team love that we can contribute to transformations such as these.

luxury custom renovation

The Details:

This luxury custom renovation was split into two sections, demolition and construction stage. The demolition stage included the removal of asbestos, a sunroom, bathroom, and external stairs. Our team of carpenters then constructed an ensuite, walk in robe, bedroom, family room, laundry and new stairs. This helped to open up the space and give it a fresh look. Now, the home is equipped with high ceilings and beautiful, polished concrete floors. Check out the professional photos below. If you have any questions or perhaps have your own renovation to complete make sure you contact us or request a quote today.